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The mission of the Fergus Simpson Foundation is to enrich Chapelton and its surrounding areas by equipping its residents with educational, entrepreneurial, emotional, and spiritual resources and tools to improve their quality of life. This mission supports our vision of a vibrant, model community as one that is economically self-sufficient, with easy access to quality education, entertainment, health care, and support services. It has spiritually aware citizens and solid leadership. 

To effect this mission, FSF has formulated a short-term strategic plan focused on Economic development, Education development, Leadership Development, and Benevolence. 

Our Summer Enrichment Camp is one of the vehicles we use to introduce our short-term strategic plan to the community. At the Summer Camp we focus on Service (Benevolence), Entrepreneurship (Economic Development), Leadership (Leadership), and Fine Arts, all in a fun learning environment ( Education).

Economic Development

We will utilize Chapelton's natural resources for profitable businesses, develop a semi/skilled labor force, create employment opportunities, teach residents to be entrepreneurs, and bring businesses to Chapelton.

Goal 1: Develop and promote Chapelton as an in-island tourist destination. 

Goal 2: Sponsor income-generating community events and competitions.

Goal 3: Support skills training and application of training.

Goal 4: Promote entrepreneurship and support local entrepreneurial projects.

Goal 5: Encourage businesses to locate in Chapelton.

Education Development

We will improve Chapelton residents' access to quality local primary education and external tertiary education.

Goal 6: Support early childhood education.

Goal 7: Increase awareness and support requirements for University entrance. 

Goal 8: Provide 1% interest tertiary education loan for all Chapelton residents.

Goal 9: Increase literacy.

Leadership Development

We will develop leadership skills in youth and adults and develop FSF as a community leadership organization

Goal 10: Establish and train a Future Leaders of Chapelton (FLOC) group.

Goal 11: Establish a Youth Leadership Training Institute. 


We recognize that there are always immediate needs to be met in the community. We have established several funds to directly address these needs as they arise.

Goal 12: Meet immediate, short-term needs in the community.

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